What Sources Does EmbedPress Support?

EmbedPress enables you to embed different media files from more than 100+ content sources, regardless of whether it is a video, image, audio clip, or your social media posts, along with many other options.

In addition to the default WordPress sources, EmbedPress supports these providers and many more:

SourceType of embedTutorials
23hqImagesHow to embed 23HQ Photos in WordPress
AmChartsChartsHow to embed AmCharts in WordPress
AnimotoVideosHow to embed Animoto Videos in WordPress
BambuserVideosHow to embed Bambuser Videos in WordPress
CacooChartsHow to embed Cacoo Charts in WordPress
ChartBlocksChartsHow to embed ChartBlocks Charts in WordPress
ChirbitAudioHow to embed Chirbit Audios in WordPress
ClypAudioHow to embed Clypit Audios in WordPress
CircuitLabChartsHow to embed CircuitLab Circuits in WordPress
CloudupVideos, Galleries, ImagesHow to embed Cloudup Videos, Images or Audios in WordPress
College HumorVideosHow to embed CollegeHumor videos in WordPress
CoubVideosHow to embed Coub Videos in WordPress
Crowd RankingVideosHow to embed CrowdRanking Polls in WordPress
Daily MileActivityHow to embed DailyMile Activity in WordPress
Daily MotionVideosHow to embed Dailymotion Videos in WordPress
DeviantartImagesHow to embed DeviantArt Images in WordPress
DotsubVideosHow to embed Dotsub Videos in WordPress
FacebookPostsHow to embed Facebook Posts in WordPress
FlickrImagesHow to embed Flickr Images in WordPress
Funny or DieVideosHow to embed FunnyOrDie Videos in WordPress
GettyImagesImagesHow to embed Getty Images in WordPress
GiphyGifsHow to Embed Giphy Gifs in WordPress
Github GistCodeHow to embed Github Gist Snippets in WordPress
Google DocsDocumentsHow to embed Google Docs in WordPress
Google MapsMapsHow to embed Google Maps in WordPress
Google DrawingsDrawingsHow to embed Google Drawings in WordPress
Google SheetsSpreadsheetsHow to embed Google Sheets in WordPress
Google SlidesPresentationsHow to embed Google Slides in WordPress
HuffDufferAudioHow to embed HuffDuffer Audios in WordPress
HuluVideosHow to embed Hulu Videos in WordPress
ImgurVideosHow to embed Imgur Images in WordPress
InfogramChartsHow to embed Infogram Charts in WordPress
InstagramImagesHow to embed Instagram Images in WordPress
IssuuDocumentsHow to embed Issuu Documents in WordPress
KickstarterVideosHow to embed Kickstarter Videos in WordPress
MeetupGroups, EventsHow to embed MeetUp Groups & Events in WordPress
MixcloudAudioHow to embed Mixcloud Audios in WordPress
MobyPictureImageHow to embed MobyPicture Photos in WordPress
NFBVideosHow to embed NFB Videos in WordPress
PhotoBucketImagesHow to embed PhotoBucket Images in WordPress
PollDaddyPolls, Surveys, QuizzesHow to embed PollDaddy in WordPress
PorfoliumProjectsHow to embed Portfolium Projects in WordPress
RedditPosts, CommentsHow to embed Reddit Posts in WordPress
ReleaseWirePress releasesHow to embed ReleaseWire Press Releases in WordPress
ReverbNationAudioHow to embed ReverbNation Audio in WordPress
RoomShareListings (in Japanese)How to embed RoomShare Listings in WordPress
RuTubeVideos (in Russian)How to embed RuTube Videos in WordPress
Sapo VideosVideos (in Spanish)How to embed Sapo Videos in WordPress
ScribdDocumentsHow to embed Scribd Documents in WordPress
ShoudioAudioHow to embed Shoudio Audios in WordPress
ShortNoteNotes (in Japanese)How to embed ShortNote Notes in WordPress
SketchfabDrawingsHow to embed SketchFab Drawings in WordPress
SlideSharePresentationsHow to embed SlideShare Presentations in WordPress
SmugMugImagesHow to embed SmugMug Images in WordPress
SoundCloudAudioHow to embed SoundCloud Audios in WordPress
SpeakerDeckPresentationsHow to embed SpeakerDeck Presentations in WordPress
SpotifyAudioHow to embed Spotify Audios in WordPress
TEDVideosHow to embed TED Videos in WordPress
TwitchStreams/ChatsHow to Embed Twitch Streams and Chats in WordPress
TwitterTweets, Collections, MomentsHow to embed Twitter Tweets, Collections & Moments in WordPress
UstreamVideosHow to embed Ustream Videos in WordPress
ViddlerVideosHow to embed Viddler Videos in WordPress
VideoJugVideosHow to embed VideoJug Videos in WordPress
VideoPressVideosHow to embed VideoPress Videos in WordPress
VimeoVideosHow to embed Vimeo Videos in WordPress
VineVideosHow to embed Vine Videos in WordPress
WordPress.tvVideosHow to embed WordPress.tv Videos in WordPress
YouTubeVideosHow to embed YouTube Videos in WordPress

Find more sources that EmbedPress supports from here

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