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Wistia Advanced Features with EmbedPress Pro

The Wistia with EmbedPress PRO provides many extra features for your Wistia videos. To access the features below, you need the

To access the features, you need the EmbedPress PRO installed and activated.

  1. Login to your WordPress site’s dashboard and go to the EmbedPress menu
  2. Go to the Wistia tab.

Here’s an overview of all the features available in the Wistia add-on:

  • Fullscreen Button: This indicates whether the fullscreen button is visible. Viewers can expand your videos to fill their entire screen.
  • Playbar: This indicates whether the playbar is visible.
  • Small Play Button: This indicates whether the small play button is visible on the bottom left.
  • Volume Control: This indicates whether the volume control is visible.
  • Auto Play: This feature allows you to automatically start playing video after it has loaded.
  • Volume: You can start the video with a custom volume level. Set values between 0 and 100.
  • Color: This feature allows to change the color of the video controls. Changing the color helps the videos fit more naturally with your site’s design.
  • Plugin: Resumable: This feature is for users who return to watch a video again. Users will have the option to resume the video where they had been watching. or start again from the beginning.
  • Plugin: Captions: Indicates whether the captions plugin is active. You will need closed captions on your Wistia video for this work.
  • Captions Enabled By Default: Indicates whether closed captions are enabled by default.
  • Plugin: Focus: Indicates whether the Focus plugin is active. This will darken the rest of the screen so viewers can focus on the video.
  • Plugin: Rewind: Indicates whether the Rewind plugin is active. This allows users to rewind the video.
  • Rewind time (seconds): The amount of time to rewind, in seconds.

Please use the EmbedPress License Key for your Wistia #

We recommend you to activate the license key to receive automatic updates for this add-on in future directly into your WordPress site. Read this tutorial to know how to activate your license.

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