How to Embed Google Drawings in WordPress

With EmbedPress, you can embed Google Drawings to WordPress, using just a URL.

Google Drawings is free, diagramming software. Google Drawings allows you to create flowcharts, organizational charts, website wireframes, mind maps, concept maps, and many other types of diagrams.

Google Drawing embeds are possible, but they’re not easy to use via normal methods. EmbedPress is different. With EmbedPress, you don’t have to mess around with embed codes. All you need is the Google Drawing URL. 

How To Embed Google Drawings In Gutenberg  #

EmbedPress is a very helpful plugin that expands and improves WordPress’ capabilities. Install EmbedPress and your WordPress site will have far more powerful media options.

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Step 1: Collect Your Google Drawings URL #

Before you can embed your Google Drawings into WordPress, you need to make sure that it is published and visible to the public. Login to Google Drawings and access the drawing you want to publish. Go to ‘File’ then navigate to ‘Publish to the web’.

embed Google Drawings

Now, click the ‘Publish’ button and hit the ‘OK’ button. Then Google will give you a URL for Copying.

embed Google Drawings

Before you go any further, let’s check that your URL can be embedded on other sites.

Paste the URL into a different browser where you aren’t logged into Google. Can you still see the doc? If you can’t, then the Google Doc hasn’t been correctly published to the web.  Read out the full documentation here.

Step 2: Embed Google Drawings In Gutenberg  #

Now that you have the Google Drawings URL, you can add it to WordPress. Go to your WordPress site and edit a post or page. Click the ‘+’ icon in the editing area. Then search for the “EmbedPress” block.

embed Google Drawings

Now, enter the URL for your Google Drawing. Press the enter button and you’ll now see your Google Drawings embed:

embed Google Drawings

Step 3: Edit Your Google Drawings Embeds #

You can easily edit your embedded Google Drawings using EmbedPress. Hover over the embed, and a ‘Pencil’ icon will appear. This icon will show ‘Edit URL’ if you hover over it. Click the pencil and you will be able to edit your embed:

embed Google Drawings

Final Outcome: #

Once you are done, hit the ‘Publish’ button, and your Google drawing will be embedded, as in the image below:

embed Google Drawings

How to Embed Google Drawings In Elementor With EmbedPress #

You can use EmbedPress with Elementor to embed Google Drawings in your WordPress website. Follow these steps to embed any Google Drawings on your website using the Elementor Editor.

Step 1: Select The EmbedPress Widget In Elementor #

First, create a new page from your WordPress dashboard by navigating to Pages→ Add New and then clicking on the blue ‘Edit With Elementor’ button. Then search for the ‘EmbedPress ’ element from under the ‘ELEMENTS’ tab and drag and drop to the section where you want to embed Google Drawings.

embed Google Drawings

Step 2: Embed Google Drawings URL In Elementor #

Now click on the ‘Content’ tab in Elementor Editor and enter the URL of your Google Drawings embed in the ‘Embedded Link’. Then your Google Drawings will be automatically embedded in Elementor.How to Embed Google Drawings in WordPress

Step 3: Style Your Embed In Elementor #

Head over to the ‘Style’ tab and play around with the settings there to edit your Google Drawings embed in Elementor using EmbedPress. 

embed Google Drawings

Final Outcome: #

When you are done, click on the ‘Publish’ button to save your changes. Your Google Drawings will be automatically embedded on your website once you publish the page.

embed Google Drawings

How To Embed Google Drawings In Classic Editor #

Open up your preferred posts or page’s on WordPress Classic Editor

embed Google Drawings

Add your Google Drawings URL into the content area, with the “Visual” tab enabled. You will see a purple background with a “Loading your embed” message. And within a few moments, your URL will automatically be transformed into an embed of your Google Drawings.

embed Google Drawings

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