How to Get EmbedPress PRO & Activate License

EmbedPress PRO allows advanced customization options while you embed inside WordPress. Follow these simple steps below to get EmbedPress Pro & Activate the license:

Step 1: Install & Activate EmbedPress Free #

First, you need to Install & Activate the Free version of EmbedPress.  Go to your WordPress dashboard and from ‘Plugin‘ on the left menu, click on ‘Add New’ plugins.

Then search for ‘EmbedPress‘ and install the free version.

get EmbedPress Pro

Note: You will need to keep the Free version activated to use the Premium Version.

Step 2: Get Started With EmbedPress Pro  #

Go to the EmbedPress website and scroll down to see the ‘Pricing’ section. Choose your preferred plan and hit on the ‘Get Started’ Button.

Get EmbedPress PRO

You will be redirected to the WPDeceloper store ‘Checkout’ Page and find EmbedPress selected pricing plan in ‘Order Details’ section.

Get EmbedPress PRO

Step 3: Pick Your Preferred Payment Method  #

Time to provide your all billing details and personal information. In ‘Personal Information’ section, provide your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. These fields are mandatory. In ‘How did you find us?’ field choose your preferred option. If you already have an account and are not signed in, then in one-click, you can do it from this page. 

Next is to choose your preferred payment method. You can choose billing option as Credit Card or PayPal. If you choose Credit card, then have to provide Billing Details. Such as Address, Country, State, City, Zip Code, etc information have to be given. These fields are also mandatory for Credit card option. 

Get EmbedPress PRO

Make sure you have ticked on ‘I Agree With Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy’ check box. 

Get EmbedPress PRO

If you have any discount coupon code then you can add it to ‘Have a discount code?’ field. If you are renewing the license key, then provide the previous key on the ‘Renewing a license key?’ field. Then click on the green ‘Pay $X’ button. 

Get EmbedPress PRO

Then it will redirect you to the PayPal or Credit card gateway. Provide all important informations and complete your purchase. Congratulations! You have successfully purchased EmbedPress PRO

You can get EmbedPress Pro licence and directly copy it from this page.

Get EmbedPress PRO

Step 4: Download & Retrieve EmbedPress PRO License Key #

As you have purchased the EmbedPress PRO version, now go to your WPDeveloper account. From the Dashboard, you can check out all the details (downloadble file, key, etc) of recently purchased EmebdPress PRO. you can see, your recently purchased EmbedPress PRO is in Inactive status. Just hit the download button and get EmbedPress Pro. beside the plugin download option, you will get the Licence key. Copy the licence key from here. 

Get EmbedPress PRO

Step 5: Install EmbedPress PRO On Website #

Afterward, go back to your Plugins tab from WordPress Dashboard. Then click on the ‘Add New’ option and Upload the EmbedPress PRO zip file that you have downloaded. After successfully uploading, click on the ‘Install Now’ button.

get EmbedPress Pro

Step 6: Activate EmbedPress Pro #

After, finishing the download simply click on the ‘Activate’ Button to get started. 

get EmbedPress Pro

Step 7: Activate EmbedPress PRO License Key #

To activate the EmbedPress Pro license, Go to the ‘License’ panel of EmbedPress from your WordPress dashboard, insert the license key and hit activate to configure the pro version. You will get the complete view in the below image. 

Get EmbedPress PRO

After you have successfully Activated your License Key, this how it’s going to look like. You can also deactivate the licence anytime you want from here. 

Get EmbedPress PRO

Step 8: Configure The Premium Settings #

After activating the plugin, you will be redirected to the ‘Settings’ page of EmbedPress. You can customize the global iFrame length, height, lazy loading options, etc. From the ‘Platform’ tab, you can enable other premium features for YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.  there are more exclusive features under Elements & Branding tabs. 

Get EmbedPress PRO

This is how simply you can get EmbedPress Pro & activate the license.

If you need any further assistance, you can take immediate help from Support.

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