How to Embed Twitch Streams and Videos in WordPress

Check this doc to know how to embed Twitch Streams using EmbedPress.

Twitch is a live streaming video platform and part of Amazon.

Twitch is best known for streams of video games, but in recent years it branched out into other topics too. Browse around Twitch and you’ll find music videos and people live-streaming their lives.

Twitch is incredibly popular, with around millions of broadcasters and 100s of million of viewers each month.

With EmbedPress, you can add both streams and chats to WordPress, using just an URL.

Step #1. Install the EmbedPress plugin #

EmbedPress is a very helpful plugin that expands and improves on WordPress’ capabilities. Install EmbedPress and your WordPress site will become far more powerful. Click here to find EmbedPress on

Step #2. Get the Twitch stream URL #

  • Go to and open the desired stream channel.
  • If you want to embed the stream, just copy the URL from address bar.
  • If you want to embed the previous videos, you can do that too. Those video URLs will include a number:

Step #3. Embed Twitch Streams & Publish #

Now you have the stream or chat URL, you can add it to WordPress.

  • Go to your WordPress site.
  • Edit a post or page.
  • Click the + icon to add a new block.
  • Choose the “Twitch” option in the “EmbedPress” area.

Twitch Live Site EmbedPress

  • Your URL will automatically be transformed into an embed. Here’s how a Twitch stream will appear:

Twitch Live Site EmbedPress

  • Here’s how a Twitch stream will appear:

Step #4 Configure EmbedPress Twitch Settings #

From EmbedPress → General →  Twitch you can get full control over your Twitch video outlook, live chat option, and many more. You can select the start time(in seconds) of your Twitch video, enable or disable the autoplay, and live chat option.

Besides, if you want, you can select your Twitch video display theme in ‘Dark’ or ‘Light’ on your website, enable the full-screen button, or can make your video mute on starting and make the changes as per your preferences. 

When you are done, click on publish to share your Twitch video on your WordPress website.

Twitch Live Site EmbedPress

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