Top 8 Benefits Of Embedding Media Content On Your Website

For any content creator, embedding media content could be a great idea if you want to captivate site visitors and make them want to return to your website. With media embedding, you can easily make your website engaging for your visitors. In this blog, we have discussed all the benefits of embedding media content. So, let’s go below and find the advantages you can have if you embed media content on your website.

Embedding Media Content

💡 What Does Embedding Media Content Means?

Embedding media content refers to including images, audios, videos, files etc. on your website without directly uploading them. If you have a website, you may want to make your web pages interactive by adding media content. You can easily attach media content to your website instead of uploading it and building dynamic web pages without any hassle.

⚙️ Different Ways To Embed Content On WordPress Website 

On WordPress websites, you can embed media content using two different ways. Let’s have a glimpse at them below:

1. Embed Contents Though iFrame Codes

Embedding Media Content

If you are a non-techie user, this method could be a little difficult for you. Using the iFrame codes, you can embed media content from different sources. In this method, you have to copy the source iFrame code and paste it into your website as an HTML tag. Besides, with custom code, you can customize the appearance of embedded content to make your web page user-friendly. 

2. Embed Content With Embedding Plugins

Embedding plugins are an advanced solution to attach media content to your website. Using an embedding plugin like EmbedPress, you can easily include media content on your website with only 3 clicks. 

Besides, you can embed from more than 150+ embedding sources and apply custom branding on them at ease. So, if you want to embed media on your website without any hassle, EmbedPress could be a great solution for you.

💡 Popular Embedding Sources For Your Website 

While you can get a lot of embedding sources available on the internet, here are the popular sources you can explore to embed content on your website. You can find amazing media content there to embed on your website.

1. Video Sharing Sources

Embedding Media Content

Other than YouTube, there are a lot of video sharing sites you can use to embed interesting videos on your website. You can go through DailyMotion, TikTok, VIMEO, etc. websites to find the relevant videos for your website. Additionally, you can even create videos in Loom and share them on your website as well.

2. Audio Sharing Sources

Embedding audio files on your website could be a great idea to keep your visitors engaged with your site. You can collect music from popular sources like SoundCloud, Spotify, ReverbNation, etc. to share on your website. Besides, you can also share popular audio podcasts from IHeartRadio to make your website interesting to visitors.

3. Image & GIF Sharing Sources

Just like audio and video files, you can also embed interesting images and GIFs on your website as well. You can go through popular image-sharing websites like Flickr, Imgur, etc. to find the perfect images to embed on your website. Besides, you can go to Giphy GIFs to collect the relevant GIFs for your website. 

4. Social Media Posts

Embedding Media Content

Sharing social media posts also can make your website interesting to visitors and boost your credibility at the same time. You can share Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or any other social media post on your website and keep your visitors engaged at ease. You will find much relevant user-generated content on these social platforms for sharing on your website.

Top Benefits Of Embedding Media Content On Websites

Embedding media content can offer a number of benefits for your website. You can easily add images, videos, GIFs, presentations, live streams, graphs, etc. to your website and enhance your user experience. Now, let’s find out the top advantages of embedding media content below.

1. Boost Your Site Engagements  

Embedding media content can help you to boost your site engagement at ease. While adding content like social media posts or interesting content from different sources, your visitors will easily get attracted to your website. They will spend more time on your site and improve your engagement.

2. Reduce Your Bounce Rate 

Embedding Media Content

Having huge traffic on your website might not be enough for you if you can not lower your bounce rate. While you can follow different methods to reduce bounce rates, embedding media content could be the simplest solution for you. Using media content like videos, GIFs, or audio can help you keep your visitors engaged with your website and lead them to any specific action.

3. Make Your Website Interesting

Adding media content to your website can help you to shape your static website into a dynamic one. By embedding relevant media content on your website, you can easily create a high-engaging web page at ease. Besides, with media content, your website appearance will be more user-friendly.

4. Avoid Copyright Infringement Issues

If you upload content on your website from another website without their permission, you will get a copyright claim in no time. However, embedding media content gives you the right to attach almost everything to your website without getting any copyright claims. You don’t have to take the owner’s permission to include their content on your website. 

5. Keep Your Page Speed Steady

Embedding Media Content

If you have a heavy website that does not load instantly, your visitors will switch to another website no matter how good your content is. To speed up your website, instead of uploading media content, you can upload them to your social profiles and embed them at ease. In this way, you could stabilize your website speed while making a dynamic web page at the same time.

6. Drive Visitors To Your Social Profiles 

Embedding Media Content

Driving visitors from your website to social profiles could be a great idea for you. You can embed your social profiles on your website and lead your web visitors to your social profiles and grow social engagement as well. So, if you have a live streaming channel, embedding it on your website can help you to get more audience easily.

7. Build Trust & Credibility Of Your Website

While embedding user-generated content on your website, you can easily gain the trust of your visitors. Therefore, if you own an eCommerce website, embedding customer reviews can help you to become credible to your potential customers. Besides, embedding relevant content from multiple sources will help you get a better search engine optimization (SEO) score as well. 

8. Increase Your Conversion Rates

Showcasing user-generated content can also help you to convert your visitors into paying customers. Embedding these contents can drive your visitors in a positive direction and increase your conversion rate. Therefore, if you want to boost your sales, embedding media content could be a great idea.

Captivate Your Audience By Embedding Interactive Media Content

Embedding media content comes with significant benefits. With embedded content, you can provide the best user experience to your visitors and also lead them to take specific actions. So, from now on, instead of uploading media content on your website, you can embed them on your website for a better user experience. 

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