How to Embed 360 Photos In Your WordPress Website

Want to give your WordPress website a stunning appearance & embed 360 photos? Today we will show you how to create 360° images and how to embed them on your WordPress website without any hassle. 

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Why Should You Embed 360 Photos On Your Website?

There is always a chance to improve the user experience of your website. Why not add 360 photos to your website to make it more interactive? Apart from making your content more attractive, here is the list of top benefits you will get if you embed 360 photos:

⚡360° images make it possible to take a look at a product from all angles. If you can use 360° images for your eCommerce site, it will help your customers to get a better view of your products. 

⚡ 360° images come with the control panel to see all the angles of images. If you add interactive 360° images on your site, customers will definitely explore the entire image. Thus you can decrease the site bounce rate

⚡ Sometimes flat 2D images can’t express the complete meaning of what you wanted to express. But with 360° images, you can give customers the opportunity to explore all by themselves. Thus users get a better understanding and your sales growth rate increases.

How To Create Embeddable 360 Photo: The Source List

In recent times, most of our smartphones support creating panorama images. So taking 180, 270, or 360° images have become easier. But, how do you make those images embeddable? Here we have listed down popular apps to create embeddable 360 photos:  

1. Orbitvu 360° Images

Orbitvu is a complete solution for creating automated product photography, 360° images, and videos. Especially for eCommerce sites, where you have to display products from all angles with stunning visuals.

embed 360 photos

2. Panoraven 360 Photos

Panoraven helps to create the best 360 images out there. They provide a sleek, lightweight, and fully responsive 360 player. With this platform, you can also turn any normal 2D image into a 360° image as well.

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3. Google Street Views

The Google Street View technology can be used with Google Maps and Google Earth to provide interactive panoramas from positions along many streets in the world.  It has its own app version. So that directly from your smartphone you can create stunning 360 photos in a snap with sharing URL.

How To Embed 360 Photos In WordPress?

Once you have created your 360 photos, you need to embed 360° images into your website. If your website is WordPress-built, then it’s easier to embed 360 photos into your website. Here we are mentioning the best ways to embed 360 photos.

1. Use Custom Codes To Embed Content

You can easily embed 360 photos to your WordPress by custom codes. Whenever you will create 360 photos using popular tools, you will find the option of embed codes. Just copy them and paste them into your WordPress website .html file. You can also customize your 360 photos iframe by changing parameters.

2. Embed 360 Photos Using WordPress Embedding Plugins

If you are not tech-savvy, and coding is not your skill, then the best way to embed 360 photos is by using WordPress embedding plugin. If you use popular plugins like EmbedPressPDF Embedder, etc, you can embed 360 photos without any hassle. In this tutorial, we will use EmbedPress to add 360 photos to your WordPress site.

⚡ Why Choose EmbedPress To Embed 360 Photos?

At present, EmbedPress is the most popular embedding plugin of WordPress. With this WordPress embedding plugin, you can embed more than 150+ sources, including 360 photos. Moreover, to embed with EmbedPress, you won’t have to write a single line of code for embedding or customizing. EmbedPress offers the utmost control over customization and you can embed sources whether you use Classic Editor, Gutenberg, or Elementor.

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Embed 360 Photos With EmbedPress In Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg is now the default editor of WordPress. Presently most of the WordPress sites are created using Gutenberg. And EmbedPress is completely compatible with Gutenberg. Let’s find out how easily you can embed 360 photos using EmbedPress.

Step 1: Insert EmbedPress Block On Gutenberg Editor

If you don’t have EmbedPress, the most popular embedder plugin in your WordPress website, then install and activate it. Then, open the page or post you want to embed 360 photos on your WordPress website. Click on the ‘+’ sign and search for EmbedPress block. Then click it to add to your website.

embed 360 photos

Step 2: Embed Orbitvu 360° Images On Your WordPress Site

For the tutorial purpose, we have created 360° images using Orbitvu. Now is the time to embed Orbitvu 360° images on your WordPress website. Copy the sharing URL from Orbitvu platform and paste that into your EmbedPress block. Your  360° image will be instantly embedded on your WordPress website.

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Step 3: Customize Your 360° Images In Gutenberg

The WordPress embedding plugin, EmbedPress provides a lot of options for customizing content to give your website a user-attracting appearance. You can easily customize the embedded contents iframe by giving your required frame size. After making all the changes, publish the content. This shows how you can embed 360 photos using EmbedPress In Gutenberg.

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Embed Orbitvu 360° Images Instantly In Elementor Editor

Elementor is the most popular drag & drop page builder with 5 million+ active installations. Keeping in mind this huge user base, EmbedPress provides the facility to embed 360 photos directly from Elementor editor. Let’s explore how to do that.

Step 1: Drag & Drop The EmbedPress Element

Like the previous guideline, you have to install and activate EmbedPress into your WordPress website. Now open a page or post with Elementor where you want to embed 360 photos. Then search for the EmebdPress widget in Elementor widget panel and drag & drop the element into your WordPress website.

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Step 2: Embed 360 photo URL In EmbedPress

Now copy your Orbitvu 360° image sharable link from the website and paste that in the EmbedPress widget field. That’s it. Orbitvu 360° image will be installed embedded in your WordPress website.

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Step 3: Style Your Embedded Content

For further customization and personalization, you can style your embedded 360 photos with EmbedPress. To do that go to theStyle’ tab and you will find all the options for styling. You can easily change the aspect ratio, margin, padding, color, etc. Then publish the content and embedding Orbitvu 360° image is successfully done.

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Embed Orbitvu 360° Images In WordPress Classic Editor

Classic Editor is the past default editor of WordPress. Still many users are using Classic Editor to create pages and posts of their WordPress website. If you are also using Classic Editor to create posts and pages, then follow this guideline.

Step 1: Get EmbedPress Plugin In Your Website

First, open your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins tab, and from there install and activate EmbedPress, WordPress embedding plugin. Now you are ready to embed 360 photos using EmbedPress in Classic Editor.

Step 2: Copy & Paste The Link On Classic Editor

To embed 360 photos in Classic Editor, you won’t have to add additional elements or widgets. As you have already activated EmbedPress on your site, open a post you want to embed 360 photos. Now paste the copied Orbitvu 360° images URL there and that’s it. This is how easily you can embed 360 photos in Classic Editor.

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💡How To Embed 360 Photos In Beaver Builder, Divi, etc?

WordPress embedding plugin, EmbedPress gives you the facility to embed 360 photos in one click in Elementor, Gutenberg, and Classic Editor. How to embed 360 photos if you use Beaver Builder or Divi as your default page builder? Well, your EmbedPress users, here is the solution: 

Solution: Use EmbedPress Shortcodes To Embed Contents

The WordPress embedding plugin, EmbedPress gives you the facility to embed 360 photos in one click in Elementor, Gutenberg, and Classic Editor. For other editor users, EmedPress provides shortcodes. Whatever your source is, with EmbedPress you can easily create shortcodes for sources and embed them into any WordPress page builder you want.

Make Your Website More Interactive With 360 Photos

When you have the right tool in hand, you can easily embed 360 photos into your WordPress website and improve your website appearance. 360 photos make your visitors’ experience on your site smoother. So get EmbedPress to start embedding amazing content in your website. If you get stuck in embedding, then don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated support team of EmbedPress.

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