13 Tips About How To Increase Watch Hours On Youtube For Free

Are you a content creator who has recently launched your YouTube channel but is struggling to gain traction and increase your watch hours? This can be a concerning issue, as your video watch hours are critical for various YouTube metrics. But don’t worry; we have some exclusive tips that will help you increase your watch hours in no time!

With our proven techniques, you can kickstart your YouTube channel’s success and reach your target audience. So get ready to boost your engagement and increase your revenue with our effective strategies. Start implementing them today and watch your watch hours soar!

Watch Hours On Youtube

Why It’s Important To Increase Watch Hours On YouTube Channel?

While you are maintaining a YouTube channel, you should focus on increasing watch hours. Increasing watch hours on a YouTube channel is crucial for several reasons. Here are some of the most important:

⚡ Monetization: YouTube’s Partner Program requires a channel to have 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers to monetize their content. Without reaching this threshold, a channel cannot earn revenue from the ads displayed on its videos.

⚡ Visibility: YouTube’s algorithm considers watch time a crucial factor in determining which videos to promote and suggest to viewers. The more watch time a video has, the more likely it is to appear in search results and recommendations, leading to increased visibility and growth of the channel.

⚡ Engagement: When viewers watch a video for a longer period, it indicates they find the content engaging and interesting. As a result, they are more likely to engage with the channel by liking, commenting, and subscribing, which, in turn, boosts the channel’s overall engagement rate and visibility on the platform.

⚡ Authority: Channels with high watch times and engagement rates are seen as more authoritative and trustworthy by both viewers and YouTube’s algorithm. This can lead to opportunities for collaborations, sponsorships, and brand deals, which can further grow the channel’s revenue and influence.

Increasing watch hours on a YouTube channel is a critical factor in the success of any content creator on the platform. It can lead to monetization, visibility, engagement, and authority, which are crucial for growing a thriving YouTube channel.

13 Tips To Increase Watch Hours On Youtube For Free

In today’s digital age, there are countless strategies available online that promise to increase your YouTube channel’s watch hours and organic reach. However, the process of selecting and implementing the most effective ones can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve gathered the top 13 best tips and practices that have been proven to work based on our own experiences.

By incorporating these strategies into your content creation process, you’ll be able to elevate your video quality and enhance your viewers’ engagement. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned creator, these tips will help you take your channel to the next level and attract more loyal subscribers. Get ready to skyrocket your watch hours and watch your channel grow!

1. Make Engaging, If Possible, Evergreen Content

Finding success on YouTube can be very challenging. However, you can simplify things by posting videos that:

➡️ Comes first in YouTube search results.

➡️ Are pertinent for all seasons.

What is referred to as evergreen content? These videos are popular among creators because they receive a lot of traffic and, thus, a lot of watch time.

Evergreen videos are timeless and are consistently watched by viewers because:

➡️ They address common queries the viewers have.

➡️Present insightful data on subjects that people constantly look for (this involves some keyword research). 

“How to Create a WordPress Blog” and “How to Make a perfect website navbar” are a couple of examples of themes that never go out of style. People will watch these video tutorials all year since they are always relevant.

2. Upload The Video Content Consistently

Recent studies show that YouTube channels with frequent uploads perform significantly better and get more recommended views. Upload a video to YouTube four or more times a week whenever you can, especially if you’re just getting started and hoping to increase watch time and subscribers. If you maintain a consistent schedule with numerous postings each week, the algorithm will swiftly raise the rank of your channel.

Viewers will spend more time watching each video if there is a library of similar information available, which will encourage them to subscribe. It will improve the algorithmic rating of your channel as well.

3. Use A Relevant And Attractive Video Thumbnail

As part of our advice for enhancing YouTube watch hours, we have now covered video thumbnails. Since it’s an essential component of video marketing and will aid in growing the number of times your channel’s content is viewed.

To attract potential viewers and encourage them to click and enjoy, thumbnails are essential. This is unquestionably one of the most important deciding elements when deciding whether or not to click to view a video.

Here are some catchy ideas to implement to make your video thumbnail more appealing:

🔰Put the title text in to provide context.

🔰Use the appropriate font type.

🔰Contrasts with the surrounding area

🔰Attempt to incorporate a face image.

🔰Keep your thumbnail size

🔰Analyze the thumbnail image of your rivals.

🔰Adapt to the various gadgets

🔰Design something for a little screen.

Here are some inventive custom movie thumbnail examples. As you can see, the thumbnail effectively combines the target term and the video tag.

Watch Hours On Youtube

4. Maintain A Playlist For Videos

A strong and organized playlist improves your ranking and gives you the extra push you need to reach your goal. Even playlists have the ability to categorize your stuff. It is also one of the best methods for increasing YouTube watch time. So, whenever new visitors arrive on your website, they won’t need to rack their brains for the proper movie; a prepared video playlist will take care of everything for them.

Additionally, a playlist might lengthen the watch hours. This is so that playlists can play the videos sequentially. And one of the most significant elements in the YouTube algorithm used to rank content is watch time. A playlist can also optimize the videos on the channels.

Watch Hours On Youtube

The secret ingredient in a winning playlist:

🔰Create catchy playlist titles and descriptions.

🔰Add keywords to playlists.

🔰Each playlist should contain 7–10 videos.

🔰Start videos with the most successful ones.

🔰Make a playlist for channel newcomers.

5. Host Youtube Live Streams

Watch Hours On Youtube

Hosting YouTube live streams is an effective strategy for increasing watch hours on your channel. Here are some reasons why:

💡 Extended Watch Time: Live streams are an excellent way to keep your viewers engaged for an extended period. A single live stream can last for several hours, allowing your viewers to spend more time on your channel and ultimately increasing your watch hours.

💡 Interactive Engagement: Live streaming is a great opportunity to interact with your viewers in real-time. This interaction keeps your viewers engaged and encourages them to stay tuned for the entire duration of the stream.

💡 Improved Visibility: YouTube’s algorithm rewards channels that host live streams by promoting them in search results and recommendations. The more live streams you host, the more likely it is that your channel will gain visibility on the platform, leading to increased watch hours.

💡 Content Variety: Live streaming provides an opportunity to diversify your content and attract a broader audience. It also provides a chance to showcase your personality and engage with your viewers, making them more likely to stick around and increasing your watch hours.

In summary, hosting YouTube live streams is an excellent way to increase your channel’s watch hours. By providing extended watch time, interactive engagement, improved visibility, and diversified content, you’ll be able to attract and retain loyal viewers, leading to a successful and thriving YouTube channel.

6. Embed YouTube Videos On Your WordPress Websites

If you want to optimize your SEO efforts, embedding your YouTube videos on your WordPress websites is one of the most practical and straightforward ways to do so. This awesome procedure can lengthen viewers’ time on your channel and turn website traffic into content viewers.

Including YouTube videos on other websites can enhance the number of people who watch videos there and boost clicks, impressions, and average position.

7. Collaboration With Additional Brands Or Creators

When you work with another creator to create a joint project or to cross-promote your video content on YouTube, you are collaborating with other brands. It’s a fantastic way to spice up your channel’s content and give your fans something fresh. Even better, it encourages a brand-new audience to view your videos and grow your subscriber base. Although it may take some effort and time, the results are definitely worthwhile. 

How to collaborate with well-known businesses or creators is suggested here:

🔰Offer your knowledge about well-known brands.

🔰Make sure the brand is relevant to your industry.

🔰Participate in the YouTube community.

🔰Create concepts before making a pitch.

🔰Make a résumé for YouTube.

🔰Follow up with an email.

🔰Syndicate your own videos.

8. Add Chapters To Your Videos On Youtube

Based on timestamps, video chapters are automatically generated. Additionally, you can include this in the video description and the progress bar below your video. You can find out more about how to include them in your videos in the video that follows.

When utilizing a mobile device, YouTube chapter markers also appear on Google searches. By using this method, viewers can skip chapters and get to the specific section of the film they’re looking for.

The method can also be used as a hack to boost YouTube watch hours. The overall chapter will improve user navigation and lower bounce rates, which may lead to more hours spent watching YouTube.

9. SEO Optimized Youtube Videos

Although not everyone is aware of it, YouTube is regarded as one of the most reliable search engines after Google. Therefore, if you can rank your YouTube videos, they will receive the most views, which will lead to an increase in subscribers, likes, and comments. The YouTube ranks for your films will be displayed differently in Google’s search results, which is crucial. 

Ranking YouTube videos is a vital component of your inbound marketing strategy, despite the fact that it may not seem like it. Just ten years ago, inbound video marketing was an innovative idea. Marketers realized that they needed to create a lot of content, but they also needed to make sure it was of high quality and optimized for search engines. 

10. Research & Select The Engaging Keywords

Because the YouTube platform is so adaptable, you can use YouTube SEO for uploaded and upcoming videos. Don’t worry if you wish to optimize your uploaded videos for YouTube; this can also be done. Use keyword research tools to assist you in choosing the best term for your video. These tools will help you learn more about keywords in-depth and decide whether or not it is worthwhile to target them.

UberSuggest, Keyword Everywhere, AHrefs, Google Keyword Planners, etc. are the most widely used tools for keyword searches for YouTube SEO. You can manually search YouTube to see which videos are returned for those keywords. 

11. Include Teasers In Videos At The Start

You can start your YouTube video with a brief teaser for the main content to keep viewers interested. Simply use intriguing video excerpts from later in the piece as a teaser. In this manner, you may draw viewers in as soon as they start viewing your movie and keep them interested.

People will know what your video is about as soon as you add a teaser. Additionally, you’re giving viewers of your video material a positive first impression. You can link to your entire YouTube video when posting these teasers to other social media platforms.

12. Interact With Your YouTube Community

You can begin developing a rapport with your YouTube community by engaging with them. And you may be able to convert them into devoted YouTube channel viewers with the aid of that relationship. They’ll therefore view more of your video content, which will result in a huge increase in YouTube watch time.

Simply asking questions in your YouTube videos will increase the number of comments you receive. Then, you can like, pin, or reply to these remarks to engage in conversation and social interaction. You can submit channel updates, surveys, and other interactions with your YouTube audience in the community section of YouTube.

You’ll have no trouble attracting devoted viewers and brand ambassadors to your YouTube channel with the help of these interactions.

13. Utilize Youtube Analytics And Incorporate Them Into Your Content 

In addition to all other parts of marketing, you should examine your YouTube analytics at least twice a month to gain actionable information. Use the built-in reports on YouTube to learn more about your audience’s viewing habits, their favorite types of content, the sources of their traffic, and much more.

Utilize analytics to monitor the expansion of your YouTube channel as well. Indicate your monthly amount for:

🔰Amount of viewers overall


🔰Best videos

🔰Watching time overall

🔰Impressions and your tidal click-through rate

💡Tips: How to Monitor YouTube Watch Time

Want to monitor the duration of your Watch hours? In the left-hand navigation panel, there is a special page for the YouTube Studio called Monetization. Your subscriber and watch hours progress will be shown through this.

Download VidIQ to keep track of additional metrics, such as the number of views per hour over the previous 48 hours. This fantastic real-time statistics bar is yours absolutely FREE.

Skyrocket Your Youtube Watch Hours And Get More Subscribers Today

It takes effort to increase your YouTube audience. And yes, if there is a lot of competition in your area, it could feel like a grind. That is precisely the reason why having a choice of advertising strategies on hand pays off. If you enjoyed this post, subscribe to our blog to keep getting these kinds of tips and tutorials daily.

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