Best 3 PDF Embedder WordPress Plugins Compared (Embed, View & Download)

PDF embedding is necessary when you want to showcase any data, statistics, or important information in an unbreakable format. And if your website is WordPress built, you can get the best PDF embedder WordPress plugin to embed, view & provide download access to your website visitors. 

So if you are looking for the best WordPress PDF embedder plugin, then you are absolutely in the right place. In this blog, you are going to get the best 3 PDF embedded WordPress plugins and all details. Take a look at it below!   

Best 3 PDF Embedder WordPress Plugins

PDF means Portable Document Format which is the most popular electronic file type. That helps you convert different sources of word files, spreadsheets, ppts, forms, rich text format, scanned pages, photographs, CAD software, and more. You can lock a document in its exact look and ensure document security. The best part is you will get the facility to transfer your pdf file to anyone without breaking the real file format. 

Business owners, teachers, and government professionals use pdf files. This is all because it is easily shareable and printable to ensure document security. That’s why people want to display pdf documents on websites to visualize statistics, research-based, or any technical data type with an exact unbreakable format to website visitors and enhance your user experience right away. Eventually, it will boost your site engagement and conversion

Best 3 PDF Embedder WordPress Plugins Compared (Embed, View & Download)

Best 3 PDF Embedder WordPress Plugins

Now you will get the best 3 PDF embedder WordPress plugins to compare and choose the best one for your website. These solutions will help you to embed PDFs, and view and download them with ease. What you should take into consideration first is to look at the advancements of these pdf embedding solutions, and how effective they can be for your site with others. Don’t worry! Here you can check out all details below:

1. EmbedPress – Best Embedding Solution For WordPress

Best 3 PDF Embedder WordPress Plugins

EmbedPress is the best embedding solution for WordPress that not only helps you embed PDF documents into your WordPress, but also you can embed from more than 150+ resources. All you need to do is to just use your preferred resource link or URL and just with a few clicks embed your favorite platform documents, files, images, or others into your website without coding. 

As one of the best PDF embedder WordPress pluginsEmbedPress lets you embed, view, download, and customize the design into your favorite Gutenberg or Elementor Editor just with some single clicks. If you want you can embed your PDF file using links or you can upload and make the changes. Every facility is provided to enhance the user experience at best. 

Key Takeaways Of EmbedPress:

  • Embed more than 150+ resources with 60000+ active installations. 
  • Best PDF embedder WordPress plugin with customization facility.
  • Website visitors can view and download pdf files anytime. 
  • Embed PDF files into your favorite editor Gutenberg & Elementor.   

2. PDF Embedder – Embed, View & Download PDF In WordPress

Best 3 PDF Embedder WordPress Plugins

Next is the PDF Embedder WordPress plugin which is solely developed for embedding PDF files into your WordPress site. It comes with an advanced facility to embed your PDF files into your website by using JavaScript codes. You don’t need to use iFrame’s HTML codes or any 3rd party services to embed PDF files. Also, you can customize and configure it completely free but if you want to provide privileges to your visitors to download your pdf files you should get its premium plan. 

Key Takeaways Of PDF Embedder:

  • Entirely built for embedding pdf files into WordPress sites with 30000+ active installing. 
  • Comes with a user-friendly interface and complete customization facility.
  • Get access to your visitors to view and download your pdf files anytime with a lot more. 

3. PDF Poster – PDF Embedder Plugin For WordPress

Best 3 PDF Embedder WordPress Plugins

PDF Poster is another PDF embedder WordPress plugin that is also solely built for embedding pdf files in WordPress. You can embed, view, and give access to download your pdf file from your website. Configuration of this pdf embedder plugin is easy and gets a user-friendly interface without hassles. This solution offers two separate Gutenberg blocks that help you embed pdf files into your WordPress website. It comes with both free and premium versions with advanced features. 

Key Takeaways Of PDF Poster:

  • Built to help you embed pdf files in WordPress with 20000+ active installations. 
  • Embed pdf files in your posts, pages, Gutenberg editor, and more. 
  • It’s a lightweight, flexible, and easy to use pdf embedder plugin. 

Choose The Perfect PDF Viewer Plugin For Your WordPress Site

Best 3 PDF Embedder WordPress Plugins

Embedding pdf documents or any other documents on your WordPress site is the real challenge. But now you can use any of these best 3 pdf embedder WordPress plugins and embed any type of pdf document right away. I hope you find this blog helpful and if you try any of the ways mentioned above, do let us know of your experience by commenting below; we would love to hear from you. 

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