EmbedPress Supports Wistia’s New Vulcan V2 Player

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Wistia here at EmbedPress. We use them for all our videos.

However, video is a large and often slow type of media. A site with lots of videos will often be a slow site.

Wistia are working on that problem by making their video player smaller and smaller. They’ve just released the second version of their Vulcan player. They claim some signifcant speed improvements:

A smaller player (plus the tons of optimizations Luke mentions in the video) means your pages load faster—10% faster, in fact. That’s right: We’re seeing pages with Vulcan V2 load 10% faster on average than those with our previous player.

Vulcan V2 is less than 25% the size of YouTube’s player.

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