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EmbedPress Wistia

We’re huge fans of Wistia. They call themselves “your friendly neighborhood video platform”, and they do a good job of living up to that claim. Wistia is really easy-to-use, and a fun place to host your videos.

EmbedPress is the easy and fully-featured solution if you want to use Wistia videos with WordPress.

Key features in EmbedPress Wistia

The free EmbedPress plugin supports Wistia videos flawlessly, and the Wistia add-on for EmbedPress gives you even more features. With EmbedPress Wistia, you can choose the player color for your Wistia video, so that it matches your site’s colors:

Wistia player color

Your videos will look cleaner with EmbedPress Wistia, because you can remove features that you don’t need:

Wistia player settings

You can also add new features that aren’t easily support by normal Wistia embeds. For example, you can autoplay your Wistia videos.

autoplay your Wistia videos

You can choose the default volume for your Wistia videos:

choose the default volume for your Wistia videos

You can make your Wistia videos resumable, in case people stop watching and then return later:

make your Wistia videos resumable

You can stand out Wistia videos by enabling the focus feature:

You can disable captions to display a cleaner video embed:

You can enable a rewind button, and set a custom rewind time in seconds for your Wistia videos:

Here’s an overview of all the settings available with EmbedPress Wistia:

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